Anne Bahr Thompson

Anne Bahr Thompson guides conscious leaders and boards — across brands, non-profits and agencies/consultancies — to connect more meaningfully with purpose. And to integrate a sustainability mindset and ethos of brand citizenship. Gifted in seeing the potential in people and brands, Anne is a listener, collaborator and tireless innovator above all else. She is skilled at inviting others to gain new perspectives alongside her and at guiding them to bring these new possibilities to life. An early pioneer of the purpose space, a Superbrands Branding Leader and a Trust Across America Top Thought Leader, Anne is the author of DO GOOD, which details her pioneering Me-to-We continuum of Brand Citizenship®. With her unique, career-long perspective of branding and marketing, Anne built the research-based insights for the 5-step model over more than ten years. Like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, she started to observe how people’s definitions of value and connections to brands were getting turned upside down—without many of us noticing, or too many of us failing to understand the import.

2022: Time for Employers to Get Purposeful About Purpose

PURPOSE. It’s a loaded word. Both for corporations and individuals. And while today’s focus on purpose makes us think it’s a new concept, it’s not. For centuries, spiritualists, existentialists,...