Post-Pandemic: Silver Linings for Businesses

The pandemic has rocked many industries, the hardest-hit being tourism, hospitality and retail. If you were one of the luckier ones, the initial lockdown might have meant just not being physically in the office. For the companies who became 100% remote overnight, they learnt how quickly they could digitise their workforce. Working from home became a game-changer for many, both positively (more time with family) and negatively (missed opportunities for collaboration). 

Despite the obvious challenges, there have been many silver linings, here are a few of them: 

We have a healthier relationship with the office. 

Covid-19 has undoubtedly had an impact on people’s relationship with the office - it’s something we love to hate. Still, we have been urbanising for thousands of years, so whilst it seems unlikely now, we’ll likely start craving the office and cities once again. There is a correlation between teams collaborating IRL and profit, and that is a huge positive when people begin to worry about tech like AI and AR taking over jobs. 


We measure results, not presence. 

Culturally, companies who previously tracked results on time spent in the office have realised that treating employees like adults and implementing a results-focused culture is far more rewarding for both parties. In the tech industry, results and outcomes are valued above physical presence - this culture seems to be trickling out of Palo Alto and into broader company cultures. It makes sense! 


Digitisation has become a priority for ALL businesses.

For Shaparency, the best thing that COVID has done for us is to highlight the problem we are solving for our customers. Boards are realising that digital transformation is imperative to business survival. For us, COVID has also helped define our culture positively from day one in terms of how to approach building our team and how we express our values.


How about your company? Did you become remote overnight? Did you struggle with the new set up? Let me know how you coped and if you think you’d prefer to work from home forever or a mix of both?