How do I create a document to sign?

Save time and paper using a smart sign. Smart sign allow contacts and non-contacts to sign a document digitally. To do this, you will need to visit the smart sign module and then:

  1. Select a document to sign- You can upload from your computer or from within Shaparency itself. 
  2. Add signatories - Invite users within your organisation to sign your document, by typing their name in the search box. You can also invite people to sign who aren't users by typing in their email.
  3. Configure the document- Before sending, confirm on the right that the document is the right one and send for signing.
  4. After you've selected submit, the signatories will be sent the document to sign via email. You will receive a notification when each party signs.
  5. All users who are a party to the document, will receive a copy of the signed document with all signatures once complete in PDF format.