How do I view results of a vote?

To view the results of a vote, you will need to visit the voting module of Shaparency. Once there, you can see a general outline of the number of people who have already voted from the index page. However to view the vote in more detail, click on the vote itself. If you have the respective permissions to view all votes, or you have participated in the vote itself, and the voter has turned on access to results, you will be able to see a detailed analysis of how the vote played out.


Shows the number of votes received per option. This will depend on the way the vote was crafted by the creator. This was either set up as a Yes/No poll or For/Against/Abstain. The numbers received against each vote will be shown against the respective poll. 


Should the option be set to see how each individual voted, the results will display the avatar of each user, or in the event the vote contains outside participants, a list of email addresses. If this is set to anonymous, this information will remain private and only accessible to the vote creator and users with access to edit votes. 

If you have participated in a vote during a meeting, you will be able to see how you voted live during the meeting, and results will be shown once the vote end time has passed. Similarly, if you have voted using a link from an email, the vote results will be accessed via the the link once the voted has ended.

Note: if a vote is held within a meeting or you have voted outside the platform via a secure link, and the vote creator has granted access to share vote results, you will be able to see vote results after you cast your vote.