What happens when meeting minutes are sent for review?

Once you add your reviewers and send your meeting minutes to them for review, they will be sent an invite via email. The email will contain a link to view the minutes.

From here, they simply:

  1. Select the text they wish to comment on, and this will open a speech bubble
  2. Select the speech bubble and they will be able to add their comments 
  3. They can also comment on other peoples comments

Note, no changes will be made directly to your original version. 

Once saved, the review will be submitted back to the minute creator to make any necessary adjustments to the original text. Comments can be marked as completed which makes this process simple and effective. 

There are no restrictions to how many reviews can be requested. 

Once all reviews have been completed, the minute creator can then choose to distribute the minutes which marks the minute as 'Completed'.

To know how to add a contact, please visit our FAQ How to add a user.