How do I know if someone has signed a document?

Sending a document to be signed by many users can be a longwinded task. To save you from manually checking a document's status, Shaparency makes it easy for you.

Every time a document has been viewed by a user, we record this within the SmartSign docuemt configuration screen. When the document has been signed by the user, Shaparency also sends you a email notification. 

Once the user has signed this, the tally in the configuration screen will update to reflect who has signed, and who is outstanding. 

The status will remain 'Pending' until at least one person has signed. The status will change to 'Signed' when at least one person has signed, and finally, the status will change to 'Completed' when all signatories have signed the document. Please note, we will send an email copy of the document to all signatories with all signatures once the document is 'Completed'.