Communication Rx for Enlightened Leadership


Wednesday, October 13, 2021


2:00-3:00 UK

About the event What you will learn

Today's organizations, Boards included, need more than just leaders, they need Enlightened Leaders, and it starts with curing the way you communicate. Workplaces and individuals are more productive, more profitable, more efficient, and more inclusive when leadership addresses and seeks to improve how we understand, communicate & interact with each other. 

Meet the speakers

Robyn Hatcher, founder and CEO of SpeakEtc. is a dynamic keynote speaker, communication expert, author, thought leader and award-winning actress. She helps business leaders, teams and organizations diagnose communication weaknesses and prescribe precise, customized remedies that can improve profits, increase employee engagement, and productivity and decrease conflict and HR drama. Robyn is on the executive board the National Speakers Association in New York, she has been quoted and published in major magazines, has appeared on television and in over 20 Podcasts. Her book, 'Standing Ovation Presentations' was named on as one of 2015’s Top 100 Coaching Books

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