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Here at Shaparency, we thrive on difficult challenges. Whilst some might shy away, they’re what give us oxygen. We believe that life in your comfort zone is nice, but it’s not where the magic happens. Our aim is to take a topic as boring as governance and shake it up. In an all too tired industry, we intend to make some noise - because if you really want to make a change, you’ve got to be one first.

Imagine a world where boardrooms operate completely digitally; everything you could need ready at the touch of a button through a reliable, secure and transparent platform. After all, how can we expect companies to fully digitalise if their CEOs and Boards are still stuck in analogue?

We believe in an era of companies that are passionate about the way they do governance. After all, better run companies means better shareholder engagement, better shareholder relations and ultimately, better ROI.

We even dare to change the way industries operate when it comes to governance and inspire a revolution of fiduciary responsibility and globally engaged shareholders. By working in partnership with industry leaders and bodies, we intend to develop our block chain solutions and beyond.

So if you want to be part of a new status quo, we’re only a sign up away.

The Shaparency team

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